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As when the continuing attractiveness and glamour of Cannes was not enough. . .Jessica Alba and Gabrielle Union are now tag-teaming a media tour for their new series. We're eyeball-deep in good bags today, and I need you to enjoy thisparticular, take mental images, and think back with this post lovingly once, later on, we've got nothing but months' worth of photographs of celebs leaving the fitness center. THIS Balenciaga Top Handle Bags is the type of celebrity article you are here for! That's a reality I gratefully accept and acknowledge.

Lisa Kudrow was seen filming her new humor Mae and George at Blackpool (UK) while taking out a large Balenciaga Top Handle Bag sale.

Jessica Alba proceeds to create her rounds in NYC, now using a pink Dior Saddle Bag Mini. She is now out promoting her new show, L.A.'s Finest, which you may locate on Spectrum On-Demand.

Back in LA, Reese Witherspoon was found out and on carrying this primo summertime tote: a glowing orange Balenciaga Top Handle Bags.

You will notice it's a bamboo shirt grip and a snakeskin panel on the enclosure. It is odd when snakeskin is the most delicate thing about a tote.

Izabel Goulart is keeping busy in Cannes, also because her feet struck the floor in France, she's been repping difficult for Valentino. Here she is carrying the brand new Balenciaga Outlet Online.

We wrongly IDed Elle as Dakota at a prior article and you guys were incredibly quick to point out that the mistake. Nicely done!

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