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Stars did not lose out on the pleasure this season. Nicky Hilton has been a maidservice, which is possibly an unusual choice for a person whose family has employed a lot of real maids. Next year, I truly need to challenge all of the sexy women to select out of dressing up along with other sexy women. Attempt to change yourselves into something genuinely frumpy and ugly to get a shift! Be a grisly monster, or perhaps dress up as a classic curry that's been buried at the back of a dark cupboard to get a good five weeks. We are going to call it #hagchallenge2020. Anyways, there are a few fantastic new bags on screen in this specific, late Halloween variant of the thrice-weekly celeb Balenciaga Tote Bags round-up.

Katharine McPhee recently piqued our fascination with this amazing, top-handled MYSTERY bucket tote she had been spotted carrying around in LA.. Chanel and Gucci both do something similar, but we can not affirm this is .

Here is Naomi Watts, led home following a little shopping at Barney's New York. She is carrying out a Balenciaga Tote Bags outlet, that is among her best bag picks for many decades now.

Ciara was seen leaving the Today show studios in NYC with this slick, black Balenciaga Tote Bag for sale with golden hardware.

Here is Hailee Steinfeld, carrying out a blinding white Valentino VSLING Bag around NYC. Hailee is presently making the rounds to promote her brand new Apple TV series Dickinson, which is all about a young, alluring Emily Dickinson, needless to say.

Love this wonderful action shot of Hailey Bieber carrying out a brand new, voluptuous, glowing reddish Balenciaga Hourglass Bag around LA..

Ultimately, we now have this strangely artistic chance of singer Victoria Song, blitzing through the airport Shanghai using a fresh balenciaga bags outlet.

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